Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Return, Beginning, and Revelation

As the day continues to draw near my anticipation and excitement continues to heighten. Never in my current state as an undergraduate have I ever imagined I would have the opportunity to travel outside of the country, let alone return to the motherland. Many have gone before in search of some truth, apart of themselves that had never been revealed to them. I had been left in the dark, and now my footsteps are being guided to a more brilliant light. Its one thing to learn of your history through textbooks and lackluster images, but to actually live that history, to journey to a place where the richness of your culture and heritage envelopes you, nourishing your spirit, and awakens you to a revelation, is beyond anything that could be described in words. Its my turn to gain my own truth. Eagerly I await to arrive upon the brim of wonder, majesty, and all that is reminiscent of the glory of my African beginnings.


Dana A Williams said...

You're absolutely right about seeing the glory of African beginnings...yours and the worlds. Can't wait to hear about it as you see and process it. Hotep!

Thaddeus said...

You sound really excited! Just reading your post has ignited an urge within me to travel to where it all began. I hope your experience is very enlightening and is the eye opening experience you are hoping for. I look forward to traveling through egypt with you as I continue to read your post!!