Sunday, August 1, 2010

One Day Away

KEMET! Wow. It is shocking to believe that in slightly over 24 hours I will be in the land of the pyramids, the land where tyrants, conqurers and Pharaohs have seized and maintained legendary political power or lost it at the hands of even stronger and craftier opponents. Egypt is a place that has seen the birth of theology and architecture and now after 20 years of life I and the rest of the team going from Howard University will be gazing upon the same land that Ahkenaten began a religious revolution, the same land that Ramses II began a legendary building campaign still unmatched by any political figure since. Egypt has a place in the Holy Bible of the Jews and Christians as well as the Quran of the Muslims, it is mentioned in a great many conspiracy theories on the internet as well as in the scholarship of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima and Howard's own living legend Dr. Greg Carr. The clock is winding down and my excitement is gearing up, the only thing on my mind is that we have a 17 hour flight!


AngiP said...

James, that flight should only be about 9 hours there (12 hours back)...unless you all are doing something I don't know about. So confirm and don't sweat it :)

Dana A Williams said...

What I wouldn't do to be there this year to see your face light up day after day. Kemet might even make Jaleel lose his "cool." Nah, who am I kidding. I expect great blog entries from you guys and even better video footage and editing. Hotep! By now you know that the flight wasn't 17 hours, and by now you know you'll have 17 hour days!

Joci said...

HAHAHAHA @ Jalil losing his cool!! Brother James, I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! I too wish I could be there to see your face. Someone needs to get you on camera for a change. :) Don't be faking on the blog entries! I'm anxious to read your tales. Stay well. :)