Monday, August 9, 2010

Nubian Village!!

Visiting the Nubian village was definitely one of the best hours of my life. It was the home of our tour guide Farouk. His mayor and the kids were so happy to see us. They were energetic and friendly. The boys gave us a lively welcome song full of drum beats and dancing. Then we taught the girls how to jump rope. They asked for notebooks and pens. It was just so hard to turn them down when we ran out of items. I will never forget those kids.

Afterwards, we went swimming in the Nile! Well, I just stepped into the Nile. But, others jumped off the top of the boat into the Nile. Words cannot describe their boldness. It was a great experience, too. Nobody wanted to leave.

Overall, this was a peaceful, relaxing day. Much more so than the sweltering days we have endured thus far. Now I must get ready for tomorrow's journey to Luxor.

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