Monday, August 2, 2010

The Journey to the Black Lands/The Land of the Blacks


Like Angie (who posts faithfully still!), I write with mixed emotions: excitement for all who will make this journey for the first time and disappointment that I'm not in line at JFK hoping that an exit row or window seat is still available. Opting not to return to Kemet this year, after making the trip the first two years, was a tough decision for me too. So, I'll have to settle for following along from the blog and adding my color commentary from home (where I've vowed to work 8 hours a day on the book project that stood between me and the continent for the first time in 3 years). It was, in fact, at a table in the cafe (where they served mutton regularly) in South Africa that a precocious group of HU Summer Study Abroad students (YEBO! (I see you) to the SA crew!) talked Dr. Carr and I into taking some 60 folks to Kemet 2 years ago. Who knew?

Take it all in, since you never really know when and if you'll get the chance again. And blog often to make those of us stuck here feel, see, breathe, and smell the land of the blacks. Show love to Tariq, Waleed, Faruk, Abdudam, Hatem and the whole HU-Kemet crew. They'll take good care of you....

No matter how much you try, you won't be able to imagine what it will feel like to see the pyramids with your own eyes, to watch the sun rise and set on the Nile, or to experience it all with Drs. Carr, Beatty, and Watkins--easily the sharpest profs from whom to learn about classical Africa.

I and my fellow blog followers await your first impressions and your false door inscriptions.

One love... Dr Williams

(Pixs - upper left: the first pyramids you'll see from the bus; lower left: the Mosque at Citadel en route to the hotel, i.e. your first stop (I bet you thought you'd get some rest after that long flight... NOT!; Rest when you get home); right: Le Meridan Hotel (your home away from home for the next 2 days)


AngiP said...

Awww Dr. Williams, we are stranded stateside. Now look, I vowed I am going back in 2013 to see the brand new Grand Egyptian Museum (which opens in 2012). You down?

Dana A Williams said...

Count me in!