Saturday, August 7, 2010

Smh... (continues)

I was unable to add this in the comments from my previous blog, "Smh" because it was too large, so I'm setting it as a new post.

You know... It was hard for me to write that blog because I AM a Christian. I was afraid that people would look at it as though I was speaking down on Christianity. At the same time, I feel as though it is my obligation to give credit where credit is due. It's respect.

Angi, you know how deep our discussion was last year. When we witnessed all of the things we saw in Egypt, some people felt lost. We clearly saw the similarities between modern religions and the religion of Ancient Kmt which came first. We were truly LOST. "Well, what do I do now? I don't want to leave what I have been following all of my life? I can't leave my religion!"

That's the don't have to and I think that that's something people who learn about Ancient Kmt should know. I believe that this issue is a major problem in spreading the truth.

You can still believe in who or what you want to believe in. This is about respect; respect for others and their beliefs. We discussed in class that the people of Ancient Kmt met people from all over the world with beliefs in different religions. They didn't deny them or look down on them. They RESPECTED their religions, acknowledged them, and KEPT their own religion. That's why it has been able to last, consistently, throughout the many dynasties.

When we can understand that we all are different and have different beliefs, we'll eliminate many problems of the World. We'll begin to tell the truth. We'll begin to give credit to those who have set a foundation for us. There is nothing wrong in giving credit. That doesn't mean you have betrayed or left what you originally believe.

Simply what works for you, but show respect.

Now, the fear of betraying/leaving our current beliefs is NOT the only reason why the truth continuously fails to be HEARD (not told). A second reason is due to the fact that people simply don't know. There are people that try to get the word out, but there are other people with more outlets that prevent the story from being told. Smh...

This leads to the third reason. Some people know the truth, but refuse to tell it because it wasn't their people... I'll stop at that


AngiP said...

Tell it.

That last line (the "third reason") was so resonant, it was almost scary to me Bmon. How do we right this wrong? Do we? Can we? Should we?

Brittani Moncrease said...

I guess, we right it by helping people gain this experience. The only way is to show it. We can hear it all we want, but a lot of times people have to "see it to believe it."

We have to keep these trips going; offer scholarships to students so they can go. We HAVE to get more people out here...

AngiP said...

...we workin on it Bmon. You know when I'm serious, I'm seriously serious. 2013. It's gonna happen. More students. More families. More friends. The docs have had a couple of trial runs. They'll have it down pat by then.