Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome Back to Childhood

Today we are visiting the Aswan rock tombs. The means of transportation today? Sailboat!! The atmosphere is a great change from the regular bus ride-calmer, more peaceful, and more relaxing. Thankfully, I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER today because if I still had that little cold I would not have been able to handle all the activity we did today. Nothing but rocks, sand, and sheer personal strength, endurance, and will power to reach the top. It was definitely a hike. But we all made it. Next stop was our tour guide, Faruk’s village where we were welcomed with open arms by the mayor and children. We were shown great hospitality and were entertained by the children as they sang us songs and we jumped rope with them. It was a great honor and privilege for them to open up their personal space to us and even consider us family. We ended the day with a swim in the Nile. The boat ride to the area designated for swimming was proof of the family we have created with each other in the last week. The energy of this connectedness we have established resonates to others when we are together so intensely that they want to add to the energy. When we arrived at the swimming area, that’s when I think we all reverted back to our childhood ways where nothing mattered except us having fun by any means necessary. This includes jumping off the top of the boat into the Nile. Now how many people can say they have done that?! Yup, it is ok for you to be jealous now.

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