Friday, August 6, 2010

Full lecture day

I’m currently sitting in a lecture from Dr. Mario Beatty & Dr. Greg Carr. I can’t begin to describe the vast transformative effect of African scholars on the immediate conceptualizations of Ancient Kemetic civilizations. Re-marrying the idea of Egyptian cosmology and archetypes to the continent of Africa is imperative to re-claiming, re-enforcing & revealing the cultural unity of the African diaspora.

This trip has meant more than a vacation in a different place. My colleagues and intellectual superiors have laid and are laying a path of scholastic excellence that can no longer be denied. Most people would write what we do off as non-seqitur banter that serves no purpose. Progress has, and is, being made. The first African-American person to receive a terminal degree in Egyptology, Andreas Woods, is a student of Dr. Beatty.

I am sitting in the room of the direct intellectual progeny of great African scholars such as Jacob Carruthers, Cheik Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Asa Hillard. These names are gaining recognition outside of our spaces. Their ideas are transforming how we look and what we know about the definition of "Black people". I always say that there needs to be more scholarship on how Black people see themselves when they are don’t use the misinformed paradigms of “race”. I just saw a title Égyptien ancien et Yoruba moderne : régularité phonétique which translates as Ancient Egyptian and Modern Yoruba : Phonetic Regularity. You can’t beat that!

James Robinson

Howard University Student Association

Director of Student Advocacy for 2010 - 2011



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