Tuesday, August 3, 2010

11:15 Kemet Time: First Post From Classical Africa

Hello Bison and World! Brittani, Asya, Maggie and I are in the lobby at Le Meridien Pyramids, putting together the first video clips of our first class. We hit the ground running, leaving JFK yesterday at 7 p.m., flying into Cairo, checking in, grabbing a quick dinner and straight to class: all in all, 29 hours straight of flight and contemplation. We had a spirited discussion of the major themes and concepts that will frame our study of the Nile Valley, the first that combines students, faculty and administrators from Howard, Chicago State, Northeastern Illinois, Miles College and several other schools. Each year the study has become more focused and refined, and this year's journey incorporates a wide range of pre-framed research projects. We tried to upload a clip showing our initial "talking circles," where students shared their research interest in preparation for our first full day of site visits. We'll try again tomorrow. Tomorrow morning: Memphis, Sakkara and the Giza Plateau!

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Judi Moore Latta, Ph.D. said...

I'm thrilled to know that you have arrived safely and have started what promises to be a fabulous journey. Those of us on this side are anxious to learn about your reactions to the ancient pyramids, the majestic structures and the incredible culture of Kemet. Write soon!!