Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Feeling of Connection

We have been here now for several days. I came into this experience somewhat mindful of the importance of going to Egypt (Kemet). However, I never realized that I would actually feel a strong connection to my ancestors. As we first landed off the airplane into Cairo, Egypt, I felt a sense of peace and purpose. In Cairo, I experienced many great things from seeing the beautiful pyramids of Giza, enjoying Egyptian food, being hustled by street vendors, going to the great Cairo Museum, the Muhammad Ali Mosque, and last but not least riding a camel for the first time! I had always seen pyramids in many books and on television, but to experience them first hand is something I will never forget. As I looked at the details of each pyramid I was amazed. We all had the opportunity to go into one of the pyramids. Even though the way down into the pyramids was hard, it was truly worth the experience. After the long climb down into the pyramid, looking up and seeing the hieroglyphics on the walls with 'brown' people was breathtaking. The pyramids made me think of my ancestors, and their struggles and successes to get my generation to where we are today. I thought about their process of being taken away from their homes where they were kings and queens. I was really touched. Even though I knew I was a descendant of kings and queens, it was really confirmed being in the midst of the tombs of former pharaohs. During the trip, Dr. Carr led us in a libation at the Cairo museum. We were able to pay homage to our ancestors. I truly felt again a sense of peace and purpose. It felt as if being in the land of my ancestors, made me stronger and more empowered to be a change agent in world. I wondered if they ever thought it would be possible for their future generations to return to the lands they were taken from without choice. My greatest moment thus far from this trip has been being able to feel a connection to my ancestors. For without them and my most recent immediate family I would be nothing. I am truly thankful to be experiencing a life-changing feeling of connection to my strong, determined, and beautiful ancestors.

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