Monday, August 9, 2010

Access and Ease

Rinsing your toothbrush before you put it up-- you never know how much of a habit this is until you are FORBIDDEN to do it!

While in Egypt, I have learned to not take things for granted. We have so much in the United States and we don’t even think about the ease at which it comes. Like my first sentence says, we alludes, we cannot drink the water. Everyday we have to brush our teeth with bottled water. There have been some close calls, but everyday we have to remind ourselves to not drink the water or to stay away from certain foods.

Another thing that I have learned to appreciate is internet. In the states, basically everywhere I go, I have access to wi-fi. Here, that was not the case—at least not for the first few days. I was almost embarrassed by how much I longed to “tweet” or get on Facebook. I felt so disconnected! Along with being away from the World Wide Web, I was and still am, without a cell phone. Besides the few $0.50 texts that I send, I cannot talk to any of my loved ones. I know this entry sounds like I’m a spoiled kid, but I’m just keeping it real! Lol.

But although I have been without some amenities that I have at home, I have had the chance to meet some very cool people. Those that I already knew, I have been able to see a different side of. I am very excited to start out the new school year with these people!!! Love y’all!

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