Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Don't wanna Go....

"I Don't want to go back to America" now you may think we want to say, "I Don't want to go back Home", but as these days get closer and closer we all may agree that we are in fact Home. Egypt has been such a comfortable place for us and we all are realizing how much we want to go back to America to bring our loved ones here so they can truly know what Home is. If we could have taped this journey on MTV Reality show or a ABC Reality Show, I guarantee there would have been a million flights booked to Egypt after the 1st episode. This is an experience that the world must see, the world must know; LUCKILY there are about 40+ SCRIBES here who will make it known to everyone they come into contact with the truth. I will miss the people, the intelligent professors and students who have been on this trip. It's crazy how we all had to travel hundreds of miles to find out the truth about our history and to have life changing conversations. Don't worry friends and families, we will be having these conversations with you all when we get back.

The EGYPTIANS, you know the one's who made the pyramids and all those statues and tombs that we have shown you all.....well get this

THEY HAVE COLOR, YEP CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT BLACK, COLORED, BROWN SKIN, whatever you use to describe yourself. Well look in the mirror, because this is what they look like.


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