Friday, July 31, 2009

Howard in Kemet - A Legacy Renewed

Welcome to the site and to our adventure to Kemet!

Dr. Carr & I have adopted "A Legacy Renewed" as a kind of theme for this trip, not only because it's the university's theme of sorts this year, but because Howard's presence in Kemet is a part of our rich legacy and because this year's student cohort (small in comparison to our 60+ group to the country last summer) will help us to renew that legacy going forward.

I've read all the research proposals, packed a bunch of books (some for light reading, some related to students' projects, written a million things down on a "do not forget to" list (now if I can remember not to forget to look at the list!), and actually started packing. So, I'm just about ready to go.

Even though this is a return trip for me, I'm excited. It took me 3 days to stop saying, "Hey, there's a pyramid outside of my window." I imagine, I'll say the same thing again this year, at least until Wednesday or until we live Cairo for Aswan.

This year, when my fellow Bison start jumping from our cruiser into the Nile, I'll have my camera ready. Last year, almost spontaneously, they all started singing the alma mater (flashbacks from Beginning Swimming classes no doubt!). While others along the river looked on with fascination (non-Bison, of course), I put my feet in the water and joined in right at "proudly there on Hilltop high" and sang it all the way through.... "Clad in robes of majesty (or swim suits!), Oh Howard, we sing of thee."

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HU Nubian said...

Welcome to Egypt!!!

Hi Dr. Williams and fellow Bison,

I am an HU Alum and I've been living in Cairo for the last 8 months. I also was in Egypt last year before you guys took your trip I would love to see you all while you are here. I am currently out of the country, but will be in Aswan on August 13 for a week. PLEASE email me and let me know if we can meet. Thank you.