Friday, July 31, 2009

A Journey of a Lifetime

Its 11 pm and I am sitting in the Tubman Quadrangle, trying to complete my work for housing hours. I am so very exhausted. I spent most of last night moving out of my summer housing and trying to pack for my trip to Egypt. The whole trip still seems so surreal. I can't believe that I am headed to Egypt!;not in a million years did I ever imagine the I would be taking a trip to such an amazing place!

I am almost sure I am going to forget something even though my mom has called me like ten times today to remind me what I should pack and If I have extra tylenol in my hand piece and to make sure that I packed my vitamins. I think she is a bit worried, she knows that I don't always adjust easily to a new environment but I have reassured that I will be just fine!

The only thing that I am worried about right now is that I can wake up in time for 7.15 bus to New York City. I get to spend Saturday with my ipal Cindy. We are suppose to be visiting some great museusms in New York.

Hopefully, I remember that I need to pick up sun tan lotion and to get that prescription the travel clinic recommended. Once, I can get on the flight and not forget my passport and my 1-20, everything else will be awesome

I think I am going to spend the rest of my time here in the Quad trying to read about the History of Egypt. Hopefully, I can stay awake to do this! I feel like it is imperative that I read about the history of Egypt so when I am standing inside of the pyramids, I can truly appreciate it.

I can't wait to meet everyone!, See you guys at JFK


Adrian said...

I can not believe that you in Egypt but that is great.You should give your self some credit because you worked hard, so take a deep breath and put your hands up and announce your presence. You earn it to be there, enjoy yourself.
love mom

Marcy said...

I love you Mom!!!, Thanks, I cant wait to tell you about it!!!