Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The ancient Egyptians did not use bulldozers

After a long day of strenuous sightseeing, a girl would think she could retreat to her hotel room for some peace. Sadly, this is not the case. We just returned from lunch at a neighboring hotel. While the meal was cheap and sufficient, the service was horrible (I guess we were spoiled rotten in Aswan). But I eagerly headed to my room to shower and rest but that is on hold right now because all I hear is the bulldozers and jackhammers working in the next lot right outside of my balcony. Oh joy!

But as for today, it was....very active. We climbed up and down hills into temples and tombs. We got personal narratives from the "security" working down in the tombs. I think the energy of Dr. Carr and motivational speeches and cheers of Dr. Williams kept us going. Well I know it did for me atleast, along with my fellow radio Dana, my energy remained decent to enjoy all the sightseeing of the day. What I loved the most about today is that we got to go into the tomb of King Tut and actually see HIM; and when I say HIM, I mean we saw his mummified body down there. But all the walking, running, and climbing I did today has me fully prepared to scale the hills at Howard with ease come August 24.

I can not believe this experience is almost over :] They are moments when I have to remind myself, "Clarice, you are in EGYPT!" It amazes me each time. It is a great feeling to have.

Clarice :]

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