Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ma'at IS cool.

Hello Everyone,

I thought I should write in purple to do something different. Today is our first full day in Luxor. We went to the Karnak Temples....they cover such a large amount of space it took us 2hrs to get through them and I'm sure we didn't see all of it . This is such an amazing trip. We are in an internet cafe that charges 5pound per 1/2 hr..the best price yet..except for the free wifi @ Mcdonalds..apparently their food tastes the same as American Mcdonalds but I'm not going to try it..well anyway, I can't wait to get home to tell everybody what I've experienced and learned here. I think that everyone should participate in a study abroad trip. You will always remember this experience. I think I'll probably remember alot more information this way also because its more of a personal, intimate type of learning. You gain more from experiencing and seeing and touching than just reading about things in a book. It's kind of like gigging. You can practice all you want by yourself in a practice room but you gain more from performing and putting all of the things you've learned and practiced to work. I need to practice. I was hoping this hotel has a piano in a secluded area so I can have some ME time. Ok,well i'm gonna go piano searching..but facebook first.


Mariah M. Maxwell

Howard University

Representative from the Division of Fine Arts,Department of Music

Music Composition


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Dana A Williams said...

M, There's a baby grand in the lobby, isn't there? Give them a little summin' to remember us by!

Doc Williams