Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dont Sleep on Your Dreams

I am beyond tired. Im a upcoming senior who is trying to secure housing for next year, secure money for school next year as well as trying to check, double check and triple check to make sure I have everything I need to go to Egypt I came to Howard as a transfer student because I felt like education at the university level should give me more than just a few good teachers and books. I knew that I needed to experience something to truly say that I was satisfied with my college experience...this is it.
When I told my mom in January that I was going to Egypt this summer, she laughed and said "yea Im going too!". I told her I was serious and she just said okay and continued what she was doing. My mother, grandmother, aunt or uncle weren't able to go to college and no one on her side of the family had ever even thought to go to a place like Egypt so the idea was actually funny to her. I worked 20 hours a week last semester and convinced the provost office at Howard to give me monies so that I could go. I worked hard because I knew that If I was really going to go, I would basically be on my own. After my family saw that I was serious, they started helping with what they could.
Soo now Im all packed up, sunglasses and all, waiting for the morning to come. My mom and I will catch a flight to NY at 8 a.m., get breakfast and wait for the 3 o'clock hour to come...then 6:30. Im actually nervous because this is all too good to be true. I've never even been west of the Mississippi and I am going to Egypt tomorrow, its kinda crazy. Im pretty much a ball of emotions right now. I guess I will stop here and make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...quadruple check to make sure I have everything and maybe I'll take a nap...
Dana Racine Hall

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Dana A Williams said...

Can't wait to get you to the motherland! I'm so glad you decided to come and that your family helped you make it happen. You're my namesake, so I expect greatness! In less than 24 hours, you'll leave one country with a great river (the Mississippi) for another, the ancestral Nile. All I can say is get ready for an incredible experience.