Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is costing me LE 10

So we found an internet cafe in Luxor. Nijuel is over here talking to the boy over the cafe. It is interesting hearing them talk to one another . He is just like any other 14 year old boy. We just learned his name is Mohammad. But its so great being able to talk to the locals here and get the real deal about living here. But....today has been good so far. We went to Karnak. It was so massive. I can't believe we only have one more week here. I need to study for my PCAT exam but it very easy to get distracted here. However, I did get some time to study on the bus ride yesterday. Now I am going to go back to the hotel and chill with the homies. Hopefully we don't get hassled by the " No Hassle" shops.

Clarice :]

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Dana A Williams said...

Girlfriend, you'd better type your blog before you log on! You were right on it yesterday when we saw the reliefs with medical instruments. So, you're sneaking in study time without knowing it.