Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Have you ever been so awestricken that you were numb? Or so amazed that you lost ability to feel amazement? That is how Kemet makes me feel. It's overkill.

Out of context, that may not read well, but it is the highest compliment. There are so many wondrous things here to turn to, to look at, to imagine, to think about...that you face a realization: amazing things are commonplace in Kemet.

...and when you are here, your mind goes on overdrive. You stay on a high of adrenaline and fulfillment, knowing that this is all yours. Satisfied that you know something few people know. Reassured that you can teach these who should know. Vowing that you will share the experience with others like you.

This was the greatest civilization that ever was, un rivaled by any other comparison. The United States of America...nothing next to ancient Kemet. Europe...nowhere near the greatness of ancient Kemet. You can't stand at the pyramids, the temples, the Sphinx...and not know that. You can't walk out of the Cairo museum and not know. Well...perhaps you can, depending on who you are, what you've read, watched, or heard; nevertheless, we can never leave this place and not know, not feel the connection we have to this land, these people, this origin where marvels in all aspects of life were the way of life.

That's why all of us must come here. We will all then be staunchly compelled to outdo the ancestors.


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jazleajen said...


These pics are so incredible! Thanks for sharing. Hope you all are doing well. Keep the pics coming.

Be blessed.