Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's About Time...

I’ve been attempting to write this blog since we left the Nubian Village in Aswan. It’s now at least three days since then, and I continue to discover new ideas and moments to write about as time moves forward. It only goes to show how each moment and experience that I am having evokes millions of thoughts and ideas of change over time ad where I stand in the moment. That’s why this blog will most likely appear scattered brained, unorganized, and all over the place—but one must look at the lesson within that. This opportunity is TRULY once in a lifetime…You can’t imagine getting up at 4:30 a.m. (Yikes!) to explore the tombs of our ancestors, Kings and Queens, from Dynasties before our time. And for me, that is the energy that pushes and motivates me forward. Once in a lifetime…so with that:

The more I experience the life and culture of current and Ancient Egypt, the more I am intrigued and pressured to find more. Therefore, I am charged with the process of staying true to “Intellectual Integrity” and the pursuit of knowledge. Yesterday, we visited the mega complex at Karnak, Ipet Isut, which sits on the Eastern Bank of the Nile, connecting directly across the river to the Valley of Kings and Queens and south to the Luxor Temple. You can’t imagine the power these mega structures posses until you actually have all five of your senses centered to their surroundings. You can see the intense detail of the Avenue of Sphinx’ as you enter the temple. You can imagine and hear the chanting of priest walking around the temple in their traditional white. You can feel the texture of the cobbled stones below your feet. You can smell the eased air as you stand in front of the Sacred Lake and breathe deeply.
Acting theorist Stanislavsky refers to the technique of listening and responding. As humans we naturally listen and take in information given to us, and then we respond naturally to that stimuli of information and it motivates our next action or thought. For me, our night sessions have been just that, information received and when we step into the places we talk about, I respond to that stimuli and am motivated and therefore activate my response based on the information received and the stimuli I feel, hear, see, touch, and smell. Robert said that we were receiving a ‘Crash Course’ in Egyptology—I cannot imagine how even more effective this experience would be had we all been in a semester of two of Egyptian Culture.

While in Aswan, were able to step into the life of the Nubians. We visited a Nubian Village which rested along the Nile River on Elephantine Island. We gathered at the village’s kindergarten school and were greeted by village nobles, including the Mayor, school teachers, and other town officials. We were immediately welcomed with cold drinks and had the opportunity to play and talk to the children of the village who spoke little English, however, their spirits and energy attracted us all.

I became really connected to the Nubian.
I felt really connect to the Nubian.
I am really connected to the Nubian.
I am Nubian.

And the journey will continue…this conversation will continue…and history we be told..

Until Next Time,


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Alex Afia said...

The trip to the Nubian Village was one of the most memorable moments on our (the 2008 group) trip to KMT. Please SOAK IT UP, and revel in the moment, its a true blessing from the most high to be there right now. Our prayers are with you all :-). Ase