Sunday, August 2, 2009

Well im always one to pack at the last minute and I just now finished up lol. But none the less im ready! It kinda came really quickly and still now it seems surreal that we leave 2morrow. After informing people of my departure it was kind of exciting to hear all the random stories I heard about peoples experiences there, all making it well aware of how it will be a life changing experience.

I can't tell you enough how many times I texts my friends who went last year about how it was, what to bring, how necessary the shots were, and if it were really that important to read the readings because I was falling behind. lol All I know is im ready! And after a long summer working and trying to prepare for my senior year, faced with some trials along the way, my spirit is telling me this is it! You need a trip home!

I'll be driving in the morning from South Jersey to JFK to meet everyone! I can't wait! Somebody pinch me. I too plan on taking advantage of the 18 hr flight and I hope to sleep most of the way and catch up on some reading.

Until next time....


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