Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello from Cairo

We arrived in Cairo yesterday, and it seems like at least 2 days ago.

First, a confession... when we landed (a 20 hour day for most of us), we hit the ground running. No time wasted! We went to the Citadel and to a mosque. We checked in to the hotel about an hour or so before dinner. And after dinner, we went straight into the lecture. After paying a ridiculous amount of money for 2 hours of internet time, we weren't able to blog much because we split the 120 minutes between 22 people, and it was our primary means of communication! So, sorry for our neglect.

TODAY! our wake up call was at 6am... breakfast at 7... bus on the road to the pyramid at 7:30. The Great Pyramid is open for the first 150 people only, so we had to be there in plenty of time! We got there, and in we went. Even though I came last year, I didn't get to go in this one. So, I was excited about that. My other "first" today was the camel ride that afforded me an amazing view of the three pyramids. (Pictures to come I promise!) Then, we went to the so-called "Solar Boat" museum. More details on that too. Left there and went to the Sphinx; left there and went to lunch (finally!); left there and went to the Cairo Museum, where we stayed until the closed. You'll hear from the students about the whole day... the pyramids, the sphinx, the museum, mummy rooms, everything...I'm sure.

Finally, we arrived back at the hotel in time (about 45 minutes) for a shower and dinner. After dinner, we had the lecture from 9-11pm. I say all this to say, we can't find time to blog! Good for us (because we're filling our days with information and experiences; bad for the blog because we aren't sharing as much as we'd like). But hang in there with us! The only reason I can do it now is because it's 1:02 am, and I've finally got a moment to spare. And guess what, our wake up call is at 5:30am for tomorrow's adventures.

We have an entire class day in Aswan on Thurs, and that's when we plan to have students add targeted information entries with narrative to accompany the pictures and videos. They are learning so much, soaking it all in, and they're anxious to share it.

I'm off to bed. More later...

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The Bassman said...

I hope that you have a wonderful time over there. My wife and son are currently there as well. I believe they are in Aswan. They were in Cairo, and then to Luxor. They are with a program called African Genesis/ Dzert Club. THey are having a wonderful time. Enjoy yourself and cherish this visit.