Sunday, August 9, 2009

Egypt day 1-4

I know ima lil late with this one but it has been sitting in my journal and im finally getting to post it.
This is only day 4, 8/6/09 and I am overwhelmed w/information and excitement. The process to digest all of the info is not a easy one. We start at 9:00 am and do not stop moving and learning until 10:00pm that night w/ breaks in between for traveling from site to site and eating. Even though it is rigorous the hands on approach to learning is well worth the trouble. From the mosque of the Great Mohammad Ali(not the boxer) to the site of the tombs of Ptah Hotep I can not find any words to explain what I saw. Colored hieroglyphics with pics of pharaohs, animals, and children is a sight that others have only read in books and heard in lectures. Heat, exhaustion and aggressive panhandlers can be small obstacles if you are not focused on receiving the full message. In this block of time i have been in Egypt i have learned a plethora of info and have a even greater appreciation for my people and ancestors.

Today is day 7...7 more days to go and i have to leave Egypt. Sad but true. Through this experience i have caught up with old friends and have met new ones along with mentors. When first arriving i thought i would not enjoy myself without being able to use my cell phone or being able to leave the house whenevr to hang with is trully the opposite. My ability to connect with the people of Egypt and to find myself is coming to be. I have found away to not to be so selfish (which i thought i wasn't) and to embrace someone else's culture and to find my roots within. On the other hand waking up at 2:30 and 5:30 every other day is truly a battle. The students and myself stay up late blogging /conversing with each other with Dr. Williams and Carr. So far this has been a great experience. By tha way we visited the Nubian Village which was cool because they were very welcoming and the children were full of energy even though it was baking outside. They are better than me. Anyway let me stop rappn yall up..its about time for dinner and this dude is hungry..ima keep yall updated on everything that happens.

Shout out to Brydge Ent...

Ernest C.

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