Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the states

It's so weird being back in the United States. I woke up several times in the middle of the night thinking I was still in Kemet. If the opportunity presented itself, I would go back right now. Overlooking the dry desert, hot temperatures, and difference in food, I'd gladly return home to Kemet. The love and excitement we received from the people of Egypt was amazing; more than I have ever had in the states.

It's crazy. I was listening to a song by Erykah Badu and it said, "They take our history and make it a modern mystery." That statement is so true. I remember when we went to Dendera and we saw the drawing of what could be a light bulb or battery. There could be chance that the people of ancient Kemet might have had electricity. It was the first time we had ever seen a picture of it. The fact that we aren't sure what the picture was, makes it what Erykah calls "a modern mystery." It's a shame because that's our history. It's something we should know, but was taken from us.

I wish more of our people would take the time to study the history of ancient Kemet. I guarantee that there would be a change in our community. There's no way you can learn about ancient Kemet, and not feel a sense of pride. Our people created math, science, writing, religion, history, and more. What we see today are all imitations. I'm proud of my people. They had a true understanding of community, something that has been demolished due to Western influence.

For all of us who attended, it doesn't stop here. We were fortunate enough to study in Kemet for a reason. It is our obligation to share what we learned and encourage others to enhance their knowledge. The change starts with us and it starts now...



Greg Carr said...

Brittani, you are a real gift. I felt the same way about waking up here and thinking I was there. In some ways, that's never going to go away. We can't wait for the documentary! doc

Zelle said...

Hey Brittani, if you're working on the footage I have some you can add ...call me =)

AngiP said...

Very nice, BMon! A great way to reflect on our experience. While I'm sure you witnessed a change in me during the trip, I have been delighted to witness that same change in you, and sharing in that change is what made this trip to swonderful. Your blog captures my feelings exactly. You expressed the entire experience in such an eloquent and concise way. in the words of our dear friend..."Go 'Head Soul Sista, Right On!"

johnseo said...

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