Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still on Egypt time

Still on Kemet time…
Its 4:30 am DC time and Im wide awake, laughing at an episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire. This time last week it would be 11:30 a.m and I would more than likely be tired from my 5 am wake up call, sweating because of the 110 degree heat and standing in the tomb of a great ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. I’ve only been home for one full day but Im still very much on Kemet time.
The trip home was less than enjoyable. Egyptian kids were literally crawling around on the airplane floor, eating sugar and kicking my seat. I had to warn their parents and make mean faces at the kids in order to get some adequate rest. The food was also bad. I tried to hold my nose and force down the dry chicken and hard noodles but after a few bites I was done, luckily I smuggled a apple and banana in my purse. On the upside, I was sitting in a row with two of the people I thought that I didn’t think I would become close friends with, Mariah and Ernest. Believe it or not, Mariah and I had a class together last semester and never spoke; Ernest and I had met briefly in passing as well and never got better acquainted. However my most vivid memories of my voyage to Egypt include them as well as the nile, Havian, Nijuel, Clarice, Sawdaiya, and Rameses II.
I’ve learned more soo much about myself, my history and my ancestors thru this trip. I learned that my history doesn’t start with slavery, it begins with Kings and Queens; I learned that the Greeks and Romans not only stole many ideas and concepts from the ancient Egyptians but also are responsible for the decline of the ancient history as we know it; I’ve learned about the Battle of Kadesh and other obstacles that the Egyptians had to overcome to continue prosper as the most advanced society in history, I’ve learned the importance of Ma’at, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Seshet (sp?) and allll of the other ancient Egyptian manifestations of the divine; I’ve looked into the eyes of the 70 feet tall statues that Rameses II built for himself as he looked back at me and asked what am I going to do with what I now know…If knowledge was equated to money, I would’ve become rich because of this trip. I was able better understand Islam and the lifestyle of the Egyptians now. Its amazing how this nation went from being soo wealthy to reducing its citizens to being poverty stricken…this blog could go on for days with thoughts, memories, and lessons learned but I think I will stop here. I will just end this by writing that I more than anything I am grateful, and that I would not change the diligence that was required of each day, the exhaustion that I felt and any of the experiences that I had in Egypt.

Shout out- this one goes out to Dr. Williams and Dr. Carr-If I could have any teachers in the world instruct me in Egypt, it would always be you two.

yours in ma'at.....
Dana Daneeeee

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