Thursday, August 6, 2009

False Door

On the False Door of her Tomb at The Valley of the Queens

I have come from my town,
I have descended from my nome,
I have done justice for my Lord.
I have represented my family well.
I spoke my heart but chose words wisely.
I treated others how I wanted to be treated,
Because I knew that life is cyclical.
I sought and promoted peace for myself and for others,
I loved deep and true.
I acknowledged my blessings,
I was grateful for the lessons that came from hardships,
and I asked Jehovah’s guidance when I was unsure.
I set examples for the young ones,
and took my lessons from the old ones,
I was respectful to all.
I lived a full life,
and made it uniquely mine, yet part of something greater than self.
So says she whose nickname is Jazz.

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