Saturday, August 8, 2009

In Search of Truth...

Reflecting on all the trials and tribulations that I had to endure to attend this trip, I have realized that it was all worth it. Initially, I simply wanted to go to Egypt to physically witness the accomplishments of Ancient Kemet; however, attending this trip has allowed me to question misconceptions that exist about and within our culture. What is blackness? Is straight hair an expression of whiteness? While thinking about the common answers to these questions, I realized that a lot of the answers to these questions are developed out of ignorance. Ignorance is truly bliss. I can go on forever about these notions, but I must digress… Abu Simbel was simply beautiful [laughs]. Although I did not appreciate a wake-up call at 2:30 AM, it was well worth it. It’s crazy to me because we have only been here for about a week and it feels like we have been here forever! Time doesn’t seem to exist anymore (not having a clock in any room contributes greatly)…especially because I never know what time or day it is. I am just so used to knowing what time it is (or even having a clock in the room). I must say, not knowing the time has definitely allowed me to cherish my experiences more. Anyway, I am feeling a little tired. Hotep

Yours in the Struggle,
Havian Nicholas

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