Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Temple of Rameses II

Leaving our hotel at 3:30 am, we took a small ferry across the Nile River to load our bus. With half opened eyes and dragging faces, we took our seats on the bus. Immediately taking our seats and overlooking the breakfast boxes prepared for us, we rode three hours to our destination.

Finally, after the sun began to rise, we arrived at the Temple of Rameses II. Slowly gazing up, we admired the gigantic statues of Rameses II located at the entrance of the temple. In amazement, we gradually walked into the temple.

More statues of Rameses II lined the center aisle on both the left and right sides. Deep within the temple, we saw a small room. With only the light from the sun shining through the entrance, we saw Rameses II sitting with the gods, Ta, Seth, and Ra Horakti. On two days out of the year, Rameses II’s birthday, February 21st and his Coronation day, October 22nd, the sun’s rays illuminate only him. This room, The Holy of Holy, was interesting. The intelligence of the Egyptians is one that we still haven’t grasped today, even with all the new technology emerging consistently.

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